Alexandra Billings

Lynn Redgrave"Viewpoints is a journey to the heart, and Alex is the leader of that journey."

Lynn Redgrave
Actor/Academy Award,Golden Globe, Tony nominated

“Alex Billings is simply a GREAT teacher. She is ferociously committed, painstakingly studious, extraordinarily passionate, extremely sensitive and thoroughly encouraging.”

Jeff Perry
Actor/Co-Founder of Steppenwolf Theatre,
The School at Steppenwolf and Steppenwolf Classes West

Marci Liroff"Alexandra Billings is a force to be reckoned with. With Viewpoints, actors learn a solid foundation to build upon which gives them the tools to work in any situation - be it on stage, in front of the camera, or in the audition room. She's the real deal!"

Marci Liroff
Casting Director Film/TV

David Razowsky“…there's something to be said of a teacher who you know is changing a students life with what they impart. Alexandra Billings is that teacher.”

David Razowsky
Actor/ Teacher/Artistic Director
Second City Theater

Ryan Pfeiffer“Alex's viewpoint's class is really great because it's about using what you already have. The viewpoints are perfect for giving yourself a context rather than a void.”

Ryan Pfieffer
Actor/Stand-up Commedian

Katharine Brandt"Viewpointing really freed my brain in terms of acting. It helped me to see that within each scene and each character there are an infinite number of possibilities as long as you allow yourself the freedom to explore each one of them. And it never fails to amaze that the choices that seem the most ridiculous or make the least amount of sense, always end up being the most compelling. Viewpointing gives you the opportunity and the skills to find that."

Katharine Brandt

“What impresses me most about Alex’s work is the fact that she is able to connect with students on a deeply personal level, which encourages their growth and inspires intense introspection, while at the same time communicating with them on an extraordinarily high intellectual plane. She is as gifted a teacher as I have ever encountered in my career as student or educator. Alex is well-versed in a multitude of acting/movement disciplines, and is able to inter-mingle them throughout her work. Her tireless energy and enthusiasm for our craft is something that we should all aspire to.”

John Mayer, Ph.D, MFA
Chair of Theatre
California State University – Stanislaus

Andrew Perez“Viewpoints with Alex is something like a relationship with a great author... She has helped me say Yes .... I find it easier to accept the subtle images that permeate every moment... and THAT expands my universe...”

Andrew Perez

Michael Osborne"I have found myself actually breathing in a room full of TV Producers (who only come in packs) and actually enjoying myself."

Michael Osborne

"Alexandra Billings is a force of nature like no other and the Viewpoints taught under her guidance is exhilarating, terrifying, and ultimately the most freeing tool I have ever experienced as an actor. If you want to break loose from the bullshit that may be holding you back, this is the palce and Alex is your Yoda"

Jon B Young

Parvesh Cheena"Alexandra is the voice in my head when I get a bit down and stuck in scenes, auditions, even in 15 second commercial spots. Her energy, belief, instruction, and intuition help me more often than she realizes. Viewpoints gets me out of my over analytical and self-critical head and gets me moving and shaking and creating...Thank you viewpoints."

Parvesh Cheena

Chris Smith"After every class I take in Viewpoints, I walk around the same world that seemed so bland and dreary to me before, and find it now bursting with life: Viewpoints, and especially Alex's way of teaching them, helps me to be more present, and more aware, not only as an actor but as a person."

"What I find troubling about studying a technique is that the teacher is usually showing you his or her way of acting; they seem to have all the answers, with no curiosity for the questions. Alex is not like the normal teacher. She is interested in finding each actor's individual journey: what does this actor need that is unique? She helps you find YOUR way, not her's or anybody else's. She has knowledge, lots of knowledge, but you don't get the feeling she is just handing you a bunch of answers, she is right there with you living in the question of what's next"

Chris Smith

Marlo Bernier"Working with Alexandra Billings was a dream come true. Her tireless devotion to the story, the text, her fellow actors and to her fearless and generous embodiment of every single moment, made each frame a film unto itself."

Marlo Bernier
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